Dan O'Sullivan

Python and cloud engineer

Live search of Python docs
Real time results
Asynchronous architecture


Real time interactive search of Python documentation

  • PythonLanguage
  • Tailwind CSSFront end
  • HTMXFront end
  • Alpine.jsFront end
  • Async PostgresDatabase
  • DockerDeployment
  • FastAPIPython package
  • SQLAlchemyPython package
  • BeautifulSoupPython package
  • Mozilla BleachPython package
Bootstrap front end
Search by color
Interactive graphs and color analysis
Bulk data download

Insect Color Database

Full stack scientific application

  • PythonLanguage
  • BootstrapFront end
  • Intercooler.jsFront end
  • Azure SQL (MSSQL)Database
  • Azure Kubernetes ServiceDeployment
  • Azure FunctionsCloud
  • Azure StorageCloud
  • Azure DevOpsCloud
  • FlaskPython package
  • SQLAlchemyPython package
  • PillowPython package
  • BokehPython package
  • CeleryPython package
  • PandasPython package
Highly visual
Mobile-first design
Git-based headless CMS

Iridescence Exhibition

Art-science brochure website for museum

  • HTMLLanguage
  • Tailwind CSSFront end
  • EleventyStatic Site Generator
  • Netlify CMSContent Management
  • NetlifyDeployment
GUI menu tool
Customise with CSV
Comprehensive documentation


Graphical menu utility for Windows

  • PowerShellLanguage
  • .NETFramework
Recursion error
Fully responsive

Portfolio site

Modern web stack and Static Site Generator

  • TypeScriptLanguage
  • Tailwind CSSFront end
  • ReactFront end
  • Next.jsStatic Site Generator
  • Cloudflare PagesDeployment
Windows CLI
Complete user guide


Symlink management command line tool for Windows

  • PythonLanguage
  • ClickPython package
  • RichPython package
  • PyInstallerPython package